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About Us

aboutIn May of 2000, Kurt was actively working as a Paramedic. After sustaining a work related injury, he was no longer able to perform the duties of a Paramedic and was forced into an early retirement. Looking for something to occupy his time, Barbara suggested that he take a gunsmith course, as he’d always been interested in guns. It would be something he could do at his own pace, in his own time, from home. To purchase certain firearm items, he was required to have a Federal Firearms License so he applied for that. After he started the gunsmith course, he came across information on Conceal Carry classes and enrolled in that.

He was impressed with the class and became interested in teaching the class so he did some searching to find what he needed to do to qualify to teach. Having taught EMS skills to nurses and medical staff, he figured he could teach CCW classes as well. His first class was in June of 2004 with 4 people attending. Since then, he has held at least 1 Conceal Carry class per month. He started teaching basic shooting classes, and then moved on to advanced classes, teaching tactics for personal protection. Maricopa Shooting still offers these classes; Kurt did complete the gunsmith course so we offer those services.

As a licensed firearms dealer, we sell ammunition as well as a variety of firearms. We are planning to add a small shop to our home to keep costs to customers at a minimum.

45001 West Ed Green Lane
Maricopa, AZ 85239

Call us today at 520-568-1820, 520-568-3060 or fill out our online contact form.

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