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The gunsmith trade is one that has been respected and upheld in modern society as a key role in most Western civilizations for many years. For years the gunsmithing trade was looked upon as an indispensable occupation, as the gunsmith services they provided were necessary for the survival of early colonies, towns, tribes and cities. The gunsmith of the area typically was responsible for supplying the civilization (and frequently the surrounding areas) with gunsmith services, which were needed to defend themselves effectively against any enemies they may have as well as serving as a dependable way to keep peace among the town’s people.


Gunsmith Tools

The early American gunsmith was an occupation which required the use of oftentimes dangerous gunsmith supplies and at times the gunsmithing tools were second-rate and of poor quality. The early US gunsmiths were usually positioned near the town blacksmith as they frequently performed similar duties and would occasionally work hand-in-hand. In the early history of gunsmithing, young men would often take on an apprenticeship with the gunsmith of the town and study from the age of twelve to fourteen and usually completed learning everything required to know about gunsmithing from the gunsmith training them around the time they reached the age of twenty-one.


Gunsmith in Action

Modern day US gunsmiths have been blessed with more advanced and finely crafted gunsmithing tools, more refined gunsmith supplies, and currently there are an abundance of well-organized learning programs responsible for teaching hands-on rules of the gunsmithing trade and providing as much information about gunsmithing as possible. Today the quality of the gunsmith tools available far exceeds the poor quality of the gunsmithing tools and gunsmith supplies used for the trade in early Western history, and the superior quality of materials now allows room for the home gunsmith with a passion for gunsmithing to create his own enterprise and enjoy his occupation from the comfort of his own shop.

We are devoted to providing educational gunsmith services to properly educate the aspiring gunsmith to launch their own home gunsmith occupation. Some of the various specialized gunsmithing trades one may receive further training elsewhere for after the completion of our courses are the positions of a custom builder/designer, a refinisher, a stock maker, a checkered, a specialty gun engraver, and a pistol smith. The knowledge one receives during the course of study with one of our programs will most certainly equip you to start working in the trade you love! Contact us today about class availability!

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